Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm on my way!

Left Chautauqua Thursday, and that very afternoon I had what sounded like big trouble with my new (to me) 2007 Honda Civic hybrid. Heard a grinding sound, and when I slowed down it sounded like I was dragging something. Turned out to be the plastic "pan" under the car, like a piece of heavy vinyl, that had come loose at its back end and WAS dragging. Not a mechanical problem after all! A nice mechanic fixed it for me, and after paying I gave him a bonus of a copy of my book.

Finally left the snow in West Virginia and had a good remainder of the trip to Myrtle Beach, SC, where my hosts, Bob and Carol Reeder, had a group of friends over this evening who asked good questions and bought some books.

Surprisingly, it's below freezing temp here, but tomorrow morning I leave for Florida and hope to find some warmth at last.