Sunday, February 15, 2009

School Experiences

It's been a long time since I was in a school, but I got a good dose this past week here in El Paso, as I talked to three schools in three days. Two of my experiences were with LITTLE kids, pre-K to 5th grade, who assembled in their schools' libraries; I talked to six groups each day and showed an abbreviated version of my PowerPoint presentation. I sold about ten books to teachers in those two days, and had a great time. The kids enjoyed dancing the African hilife.

The third day I was in a high school, speaking in the auditorium to four different groups of humanities students. Also a good day. Their questions and responses were more insightful and interesting, but few of them danced.

I'm looking forward to Tucson tomorrow, as I'll be staying with a returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Turkey) in an Intentional Community, but they call it co-housing. As friends at home are hoping to establish such a community, I'm interested in seeing how this one is organized.