Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Snow in Texas

You guys up north think you have a corner on the snow market! Driving from Ft. Stockton to El Paso, up in the mountains, there was snow, but the wind was blowing so hard it didn't get a chance to land on the ground. Actually, snow in El Paso is not unusual.

The wind carried dust and tumbleweeds with it that reminded me of my years in Wyoming.

That same wind was a headwind for me, and I'm sure my hybrid used about a gallon of gas for every 15 or 20 miles, as opposed to its usual 39 mpg. I was surprised when the fuel signal came on, and had to drive about 50 more miles to find a gas station, coasting down hills to save gas. The gas at that little outpost on the prairie was $2.22/gallon, but it saved my hide.

Am staying with my nephew Daniel and his family. His wife Sandra is a teacher, and she has arranged for me to speak at three schools in three days. Today I was at a K-5 school, and spoke to six different groups of little kids, 1/2 hour each. It was fun! Am also enjoying my two great-nephews, ages nine and two.

Just as the pandhandle of Florida is in Central time, the panhandle of Texas that's El Paso is in Mountain time. This time the change gave me an unexpected hour on my way to Daniel's house, so I found my way to a Cracker Barrel to return two books on CD I'd borrowed back in San Antonio. Will pick up a few more as I move west, but must beware, as there are no Cracker Barrels in Nevada or California. How will I manage?