Thursday, January 22, 2009

Boca Grande and Sarasota, Florida

Wednesday I spoke in Boca Grande and Thursday in Sarasota. Susan Luehrs went with me to Boca, which was a great help as she did a lot of the setting up (and packing up) of the artifacts I always set out for the audience to look at before and after a talk. Harm deBlij, the geographer, had been asked to introduce me there. (He wrote the Foreword to my book.) The Boca Community Center had a huge screen for my PowerPoint presentation, and some good questions from the 30 or so members of the audience.
In Sarasota, the event was at the home of Marcia Lang, a sometime Chautauquan. It was a comfortable affair, with about 10 guests. Several of them had served in the Peace Corps, and some guests had traveled widely.

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